Original WW1 Photos

Members of the 113e in Toulon prior to embarking for North Africa

The 113eRIT in Africa.  Notice the cotton tropical uniforms and pith helmets.

Cooks from the 113eRIT.  Note the issue plate sitting on the left side of the table.

A customized postcard.  Notice the M1914/15 1st pattern simplified Poiret.

A studio photo

A studio portrait taken in Morocco

Members of the 113eRIT.  This photo may be surviving members of the 3rd Company 5th battalion that was aboard the Gallia on its way to Greece when it was torpedoed.  

Unnamed officer of the 113eRIT prior to Departing for North Africa

A territorial from the 123eRIT

A Territorial from what appears to be the 123eRIT

A pair of Territorials

A pair of territorials

The French had what can only be described as a prolific gear reclamation system.

The French Army had what can only be described as a prolific gear reclamation system.  Equipment was recovered from the field, dead and wounded and re issued.  Its not uncommon to have an original garment or piece of equipment with 5 or more soldiers numbers marked in or on it!

Sorting reclaimed equipment and uniforms.

Battlefield recovered equipment.  Of note is the large number of Knapsacks.  French soldiers initially placed their ID booklet (Liveret) in the flap of their knapsack.  When the knapsack was dropped in combat it made it difficult to identify the dead.  The practice was changed as a result of this and the liver was generally placed in one of the interior pockets of the Poiret or capote.

Reclaimed boots

Colorized Original Photos of French troops in the field.

French infantry after a artillery barrage.  Notice the casualties have yet to be collected.

1916 Verdun.  Notice the Adrian shoulder armor and the guy wearing the German gummi mask.

Sharing a meal.  Note the issue plate being used by the young poilu on the right.

A poilu who was killed while eating a meal (most likely from artillery fire).  Note the issue plate to his right on the ground.

French infantry moving up to the front.

Meal time in the line.  Note the issue plate the poilu on the right is using.