Required uniform and equipment

The following is a list of required equipment.  It is presented in stages in the order it is recommended to be acquired.  Items that are in bold characters are the preferred variation of that particular piece of uniform or equipment.  Italicized items are acceptable or not required.  While the unit does maintain loaner gear you can't use it forever!  The stages are a minimum timeline.  You should endeavor to have your own gear as soon as possible.  It is strongly recommended that you confirm with your unit sponsor PRIOR to buying anything.  This will help avoid you making the common recruit mistake of buying things you can't use.  Do yourself a favor!

Basic Uniform (stage 1) First Year.

  • 1914/15 simplified Poiret 4th pattern, 1915 Double breasted Capote, 1914/15 2nd - 3rd pattern Poiret.
  • M1914 pattern breeches with infantry piping or plain.  1914 pattern ersatz / corduroy breeches.
  • Issue canton flannel shirt white with blue stripes, Gray dommit flannel shirt, civilian pattern shirt in white or woven cotton.  No prints. Must be the European short collared pull over style.
  • Cotton or flannel drawers.
  • Period correct suspenders.
  • Issue or private purchase cravat.
  • 1891/14 overseas cap, 1918 overseas cap, Kepi
  • Adrian Helmet with correct liner.
  • Horizon blue leg wraps / putties.  Iron blue putties.
  • M1912/16 boots, M1893 boots.
  • Period white cotton or wool socks.  Any period correct woven sock.
  • Issue half blanket.
  • Correct period glasses with wooden case (If you need glasses).  NO MODERN GLASSES!
  • Sleep cap.
  • Period small poke sack to keep your non period items in.

Basic Field Gear (Stage 2) Second Year

  • M1903 Belt Brown with brass or steel two tine rollar buckle.  M1903 belt in black, 1915 ersatz brown leather belt with single tine dollar buckle.  M1845 black belt and buckle.
  • 3 X M1916 Brown ammunition pouches.  M1905, M1894, M1892 pouches, ersatz pouches.
  • M1892 Brown carrying / Y straps.
  • M1888 Brown bayonet frog.
  • M1886 Bayonet with quillion.  Simplified M1886 bayonet without quillion and either nickel or alloy hilt.
  • M1877 2 liter canteen with HB cover.  M1877 2 liter canteen with ersatz / corduroy cover or painted (HB).
  • M1865 Tinned steel cup.  Both the normal and double capacity (colonial) cups are acceptable.  No aluminum cups.
  • 2 X M1892 haversacks / bread bags.
  • M2 or ARS-17 gas mask. M2 can.
  • 2 X Two compartment ration bags.
  • 1 white cotton hardtack ration bag.
  • Issue Cutlery
  • M1852 Mess Kit.
  • M1897 Shelter half / poncho with ropes and fish pegs. (NO NECK SLIT)
  • Short leather strap for the assault roll.
  • Hand Towel
  • Issue handkerchief
  • Period pocket knife
  • Spirt stove
  • Sewing kit.
  • Period lighter
  • Varuse / tunic.

Advanced Field Gear (Stage 3) Third year.

  • M1893 Field pack with all straps.  A note on the 1893 pack.  The 1893 pack was issued in a myriad of colors to include: black, caschu, tan, green, grey and blue.  There is disagreement as to what colors would have been seen in 1918.  It is my opinion based on my interpretation of contemporary photos and artwork that the majority of the packs were a dark tan after being in the field.  This was caused by unstable dye.   Having said that there are ample photos of much much darker packs in use throughout the war.  These represent various shades of green as well as reissued black packs.  TAN OR GREEN SHOULD BE THE NORM.  Once again it would not be inappropriate for early packs to still be in use late in the war.  This would be the exception rather than the rule.  There is also a misconception that the green packs are post war.  This simply isn't true.  I have green packs in my collection that are dated 1917 and 1918.
  • Canvas collapsable bucket, Boutheon, Squad pan.
  • Spare Boots.
  • Second 2 liter canteen.
  • Entrenching tool and cover.
  • Squad Tool (articulated saw, pelle pioche, squad shovel, pick)
  • HB wool trigger finger mittens

Firearms (as soon as possible)

  • 1886 L8mm Label
  • 07/15 3 shot Berthier
  • 07/16 5 shot Berthier (must be converted back to a 3 shot as soon as possible)
  • Side arms are to be carried by NCO's and support weapon crews only.  Must have unit approval to do so.
  • VB Grenade launcher.
  • Gras rifle with appropriate bayonet

A note on crew served and support weapons.  All federally regulated weapons must be in compliance with Federal law — NO exceptions!  IF IT AIN’T REGISTERED, DONT BRING IT.  WE DON’T WANT IT HERE AND WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOU HAVE IT.

Don't be this guy!  Ask your sponsor BEFORE you buy!

Don't be this guy! Ask your sponsor BEFORE you buy!