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Newville Event — La Soupe

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About Us

Preserving the Past

The 113th is a living history unit based on the original French 113ème régiment d’infanterie territoriale of the first World War.

Enjoying the present.

The 113e RIT is about remembering and honoring  the Territorial component of the French army during the first world war.  We provide troops to the line, as well as rear area support with the unit's rolling field kitchen.  

     Most members of the 113e RIT are seasoned living historians with 15 plus years of living history under their belts.  The Territorial units were comprised of men who had finished both their active and reserve army obligation and were 35 years old or older.

Looking to the future

The 113e RIT participates in both private reenactments and public displays and has members located in CO, NM, TX, WA, GA, FL and MA.  We are always looking for quality members that share our passion for WW1 history and outlook on living history.


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113ème régiment d’infanterie territoriale

Colorado Springs, CO