Approved Vendors

VENDORS WITH SOME ACCEPTABLE STUFF (get approval on the item prior to ordering)


These are vendors that have either not delivered, or flat out stolen people's money.  It should be noted that some of these vendors will be removed from this list once they make good on their obligations.  Unless noted, this is not an indication of good guy bad guy (with the exception of Mark Watts.  He's a total douchebag).  Just patronize at your own risk.

  • Jeremiah Nightslinger / Mark Watts (etsy, civil war trade blanket on FB).  This guy is a complete and total crook.  He has defrauded multiple people and served federal time for it. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


Matt Williamson has made good on Clint Brunt's button order issue.  Despite it not being his responsibility to do so he has done the right thing by FROGSACKS.  This in my opinion is a direct reflection of Matts integrity and his desire to fix the issues that are outstanding.  I have every confidence that he will make good on his promise to deliver the order that is still outstanding.    As a result of Matts dedication and good heart he has taken care of Clint's obligations and as a result I have made the decision to take both of them off of the list of vendors to avoid.  Its my earnest hope and desire that the equipment and gear in question are delivered in November as promised.  It is also our earnest hope to see both men in the field as soon as is possible for them.